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Water Tanks

Used correctly, rainwater tanks are an effective way to take the pressure off our limited water resources, and at the same time, help manage stormwater run-off. By storing rainwater run-off from your roof, rainwater tanks can provide a valuable water source for flushing toilets, in washing machines, watering gardens and washing cars.

How Water Tanks work

Water tank

Rainwater tanks store rainwater run-off from catchment areas like your roof. In most cases, the water from your roof is funneled along your gutters and into downpipes connected to your tank. If you are going to install a rainwater tank, alterations to your guttering may be required.

To get the best out of your rainwater tank, it's important to install appropriate screens to stop debris and insects entering the tank. We suggest prior installation of a leafguard system to stop the tank water being tainted by buildup of leafmatter in the guttering. Buildup of leafmatter can also cause the water to overflow into the roof, if gutters are not cleaned out regularly.

Sizes and Shapes

We have a range of water tanks available in many shapes, sizes and types including round and squat tanks, slimline tanks, underground tanks and bladder tanks. It is important to consider the following before deciding on the tank that is suitable for you.

Things to consider:
  • The number of people living in your home (if you want to use rainwater for toilet flushing)
  • The amount of water you currently use
  • The size of your garden
  • Intended use of rainwater (e.g. garden, toilet flushing)
  • Available fittings and components to suit your needs
  • The size of the roof catchment area
  • The location of the property (coastal areas are generally wetter than inland areas so a larger tank is required inland to be as effective as a tank on the coast)
  • Local council requirements

Pre-installation job setup

  • We provide you with a schedule of the job, and an approximate commencement date.
  • We contact you 1-2 weeks prior to commencement with delivery details and expected start.
  • We inspect delivery of materials to check they are correct regarding quality, colour and quantity.
  • We make sure all materials are safely stored and do not cause you any inconvenience.

During Water Tank installation

  • We check weather forecasts.
  • we purge lines & prime pumps
  • We inspect roofing / guttering and advise you of any defects that require attention.
  • We remove any birds nest or other foreign matter.
  • We install water tank materials as per Australian standards.

Completion of Water Tank installation

  • We check that all gutters have the correct fall and stormwater is directed to the water tank.
  • We clean up all related rubbish on site into one area for removal.
  • We have a site inspection with you, to make sure you are very happy with the work.

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