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Down Pipes

A Downpipe is an elongated vessel that safely transfers water from your Gutter System to the Stormwater System. Downpipes are available in two rectangular sizes in both Colourbond Steel and Pre painted aluminium, and a 90mm Colourbond Steel round size. Ranging from multiple levels right down to your more common double & single storey downpipes.
When choosing the size and shape of downpipe, it must be considered how much water will be travelling down each individual downpipe, and how much leaf matter will be entering the gutter system. With the installation of a leaf guard system, this consideration is removed as no leaves will enter the gutter system. P.V.C Downpipes are used widely with water tank systems.

Sizes and Shapes

Aesthetic elements can also be considered in terms of both shape and colour, with either rectangular or round shapes fitting in with the style of each individual home. Downpipes also come in a range of colours, which can be fitted either matching the gutter system, or in a different colour, possibly matching the wall colour.

Pre-installation job setup

  • We provide you with a schedule of the job, and an approximate commencement date.
  • We contact you 1-2 weeks prior to commencement with delivery details and expected start.
  • We inspect delivery of materials to check they are correct regarding quality, colour and quantity.
  • We make sure all materials are safely stored and do not cause you any inconvenience.

During Down Pipes installation

  • We check weather forecasts.
  • We inspect roofing / guttering and advise you of any defects that require attention.
  • We remove any birds nest or other foreign matter.
  • We install down pipes materials as per Australian standards.

Completion of Down Pipes installation

  • We check that all gutters have the correct fall and stormwater is directed to the evacuation system or water tank.
  • We clean up all related rubbish on site into one area for removal.
  • We have a site inspection with you, to make sure you are very happy with the work.

Contact Details

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Office: 0407 133 435
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